Day Excursions

Are you looking for an epic day excursion that is full of fun, adventure, good vibes & gives back to the local community? Well, we have got you covered! Check out some of the rad day excursions that we offer at some of our favorite spots on the globe!

Oh... plus all of our day trips include your own personal photographer to document every epic moment you make.


The Volcano Experience (Masaya Volcano National Park/Laguna de Apoyo)

Cruise to & explore Masaya Volcano National Park's Santiago Crater. You will learn all about the early Spanish Conquistador obsession with this lava pool at the National Park's museum. Then you will head to the edge of this active crater and peer into what Nicaraguans call the "Gates of Hell". After getting up close and personal with one of the world's most active volcanoes, we head down to Laguna de Apoyo for lunch and to relax, swim, kayak in a serene crater lake formed inside of a extinct volcano! Click here to experience this amazing excursion!

We will throw on our beach wear and head south to the sleepy beach town of San Juan del Sur. We will connect with our favorite local Nicaraguan surf instructors and set off to our favorite secluded beach (we can't share the name of the beach here). You will learn all of the basics on how to catch the perfect wave! If this is your first time surfing, don't worry, we are pretty sure you will be catching your first wave and feeling the adrenaline of riding the infamous Nicaraguan surf! If you have surfed before - then you will head right to the water when we hit the beach! Click here to experience this amazing excursion!

Las Isletas Experience (Coming Soon)

Formed just 500 years ago when Mombacho Volcano exploded. Theses 365 islands that are now home to Nicaraguan people, wildlife & fauna offer a look into how life on earth was established! We will hop on a lancha "boat" and cruise through the island formations taking in the sights, sounds and smells of majestic birds, monkeys and beautiful vegetation. After exploring the islands by boat we will hop off in the thermal waters in Lake Nicaragua for a dip! 

The Mombacho Experience (Coming Soon)

We will spend the morning hiking up and around Mombacho Volcano, the magnificent crater that blew it's lid to form Las Isletas. After a brisk hike through cloud forests, jungle and mountainous terrain - we strap on our adventure helmets and let loose on Nicaragua's most epic canopy/zip line adventure!

Volcano Ash Boarding Experience (Coming Soon!)

This is about as unique of an experience as you can find anywhere in the world. We will head north to the revolutionary town of Leon (Granada's biggest baseball rival) and traverse through the jungle to land at the base of Volcano Cerro Negro. After a 45 minute trek up the explosive volcano, we will reach the summit where you will think you landed on Mars. Enjoy the view as long as you would like because the best way down - also the fastest- is cruising on your "ash board" where you can grab speeds of up to 75km per hour... WOAH!!!!

More locations & excursions coming soon!