Referral Rewards Program

Earn CASH rewards every time a traveler signs up.

See The World In Color is built on the foundation of developing personal relationships through a tribe-like community, and providing extraordinary customer service for our travelers.

After all, it's what keeps people raving about us to their friends and families!  We couldn't be any more thrilled to have you, someone who loves sharing the joys of travel with others, here on our referral page!

We understand that our perpetual growth is due to the excitement, devotion and loyalty of our treasured travelers, and also because of the countless travel agents that have trusted us with providing the best travel experience through Nicaragua available for their cherished clients.



This is our way of saying THANK YOU.




We can't lie, it never gets old welcoming new travelers to our tribe!  Being in the industry of curing wanderlust, we know that you know that feeling too!  We've had plenty of travelers and agents recommend See The World In Color solely because they believe in us, our ethics, and our mission.  

This is our way of saying thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued belief in us, and for recommending The Nicaragua Experience to others.  We are forever grateful for you.


Referral Map

The More Travelers you book, the more $$ you earn!

1 - 2 Travelers = $50 per traveler

3 - 4 Travelers = $100 per traveler

5 - 8 Travelers = 5% per traveler

9 - 12 Travelers = 10% per traveler


*Commission is paid within 3-5 business days via PayPal after See The World In Color receives initial deposit from traveler. Agency Name or Referral Name and contact information must be noted in traveler application. Percentage based on price of full package purchased by traveler and is based on a per trip basis.