MASSIVE waves crashing around this couple while exploring the secluded beaches of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua | See The World In Color | A New Way To Travel

If for some reason you ever needed to be convinced why we ALWAYS travel with a professional photographer to document our travelers vacations --- WELL --- HERE.  IT.  IS.  We're actually all super jealous of this photograph because, truth be told, we want to be in it!  We could see this hanging on a wall in their house for all of their friends to see!  Talk about a conversation piece!

During a recent See The World In Color trip into Nicaragua, two of our travelers were wandering the secluded beaches and coves of San Juan Del Sur when this happened!  Earlier in the day, we were thinking about traversing the rocky coves to get to another beach but when we returned, the tide made the route impassable.  Brian and Leah, being the super adventurous couple they are, couldn't help but to scope out the area and soak in the amazing views.  As the endless Nica sun showered her rays down, the refreshingly cool ocean slammed against the rocky coast creating the perfect mist AND the perfect photograph!  They both have told us numerous times how they're missing Nica, we hope you keep this photograph close to your hearts and are reminded day in and day out of the love that you carried in your hearts during this beautiful day!

Good news!  We're now accepting travelers for our July and November trips to Nicaragua and we'd love to have you on board.  Please visit for full details about the trip and to learn how you are empowering local communities in Nicaragua by traveling with us!

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