Travel Tips | Leave Room for Spontaneity

Brian, one of our adventurous travelers during our Nicaragua Experience

Brian, one of our adventurous travelers during our Nicaragua Experience

There are so many tips out there and we want to share them all with you!

BUT to kick off our Travel Tip Tuesday series we thought we would start with one of the most important tips out there when getting ready for a trip, so here it is….. LEAVE ROOM FOR SPONTANEITY!

This can be a tricky one because it’s super common to have a limited amount of time and the desire to do as much as you can while on your trip. But from the top of the highest roof top, I shout, leave room for spontaneity!!

After decades of traveling the world, we have found that our most epic and memorable experiences happen when you put down your guide book and let the wind blow you through the day. Sure, you certainly want to try and see all the icons in your destination but don’t be so rigged with your schedule and certainly don’t stress out your travel partners with a strict timeline – that will totally kill any good vibes!

So what does this look like? Well it can look different for everyone and it is unique for each destination, but we have some simple ways to plan the best trip with plenty of room for the unknown to provide a refreshing surprise!

  1. Plan Free Days! – This is huge, leave a day or two for wandering. Even if you just leave an afternoon or morning open you may just wind up in an off-the beaten café or cross paths with well-informed local or maybe your next love.

  2. Forget your comfort zone. It is very easy to fall into familiar routines when traveling, but don’t do it!!! Don’t get a hotel with a TV, strike up conversations with new people and for Pete’s sake, TRY NEW THINGS!

  3. Don’t Stress. If you don’t make it to all the places on your list, your trip can still be a great success. The best memories that you will make will not be taking a photo of Eifel tower or the comfy bed in your hotel, they will be the unforeseen stories or mishaps that lead you down an untraveled path, it will be the random waiter or waitress you met, it could be the local family that you got to know at a local park, it may even be the gnarly street food you had in the streets of Bangkok or… that time you saw a woman selling honey on the side of the highway and wanted to go and see what honey made at the top pf a volcano tastes like! You get what I am saying here. All of the plans in the world could never include these types of experiences.

One of the things that See The World In Color takes great pride in is creating space during our trips for this type spontaneity. We certainly got you covered for all of the hot spots, but you can be sure we leave room for the unknown beauty to find you and allow you to have the most unique experience – FOR YOU- possible!


Purpose & Reason for Living | See The World In Color

What' Happening Ya'll!

Will, from See The World In Color here..

This is something that has been brewing inside me my whole entire life and is just now, 35 years later, starting to manifest itself in my life through everything I do. It's a good thing too, because I was sure I was going crazy at least that is what most of society would say.

Ok, so what the hell am I talking about.....?

One of my great passions in life is - energizing, inspiring, including & empowering the people around me and everyone I meet.

Sometimes this is hard for people to understand, because a lot people think I am some strange being that arrived from another planet - just trying to ruin everyone's contentment with complacency and status quo lifestyles. Ha! 

Well I am here to tell, that is not the case at all and here are the reasons why!


  • I want people to feel the true freedom that you can find in any given present moment.
  • I want people to taste, hear, smell , touch & see all of the amazing creations on this earth.
  • I want people to find & be their true authentic selves.
  • I want people to let go of fear and chase their dreams.
  • I want people to love ❤️ themselves and then love the entire world.
  • I want people to LIVE everyday!!!!

- Life, in the bodies we have now, is so temporary. Your days seem long but the years fly by way too fast - none of us want to wake up 30, 40, 50, 60 years from now and say - "I should have, "I could have"

We have to CHOOSE to live everyday!! And I mean wake up and make the conscious choice to live - everyday!

I'll let this one ride 😜 with one of my favorite quotes , that happens to be from Eckhart Tolle

- "Realize deeply that the present moment is all that you ever have" -

.....and if you ever wondered......THIS... is exactly what See The World In Color is all about! ❤️