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Surfing in Playa Yankee with Moke Huhu Nicaragua Surf School and Adventures

Surfing in Playa Yankee with Moke Huhu Nicaragua Surf School and Adventures

The first full day of The Nicaragua Experience starts off with a killer view of the Pacific Ocean from the outdoor breakfast table after an optional morning beach workout.  For breakfast we have a delicious traditional Nicaraguan breakfast loaded with plenty of fresh foods and freshly squeezed fruit juices.  Believe us, it's the best way to start the day!  After we finish up with breakfast, we meet up with our friends at Moke Huhu Nicaragua Surf School and Adventures right in our backyard at Playa Yankee for the best surf lessons in Nicaragua.

Playa Yankee is known to have some of the best breaks for people who are looking to get started surfing!  The rolling waves seem to go on for days which allows our travelers to really get a firm understanding of everything from getting on the board to riding the waves into shore.

Here is Shannon, one of our travelers and a first time surfer, catching one of the many waves she crushed during our surf lessons that day!  I can't explain to you how happy I get when I see people catch a wave and riding it in till it dies out.  The look on their face while I take photographs of their celebration is absolutely amazing to me!  The bonus in this photograph is Shannon's husband, Dennis, cheering her on from behind!  It constantly floors me to see our travelers building each other up during the excursions!  From surf lessons to zip-lining down a volcano, it beautiful to see our small tribe getting closer and closer, from husbands and wives to complete strangers.


The Legend of The White Lobster - Nicaragua | See The World In Color | A New Way To Travel

There is nothing more peaceful than watching the sun set into the pacific ocean on a completely secluded beach with your fellow travelers. Then just as that last ray of sunshine fades, the light is re-ignited by a giant beach bonfire made from collected driftwood and dried jungle grass – The stuff dreams are made of -  Oh man, please take me back to that moment right now!!


Fortunately this is how when spend our last night in San Juan del Sur with our travelers on The Nicaragua Experience and we will be back soon. But for some reason, this time, things got even more surreal.


As you can see from the photo above this was one of the clearest nights to date and you could literally see millions and millions of stars flickering above. I am sure the bottle of Flor de Caña rum, in my opinion the most delicious bottle of booze you can find when living the beach life, helped the situation but it seemed every time we would look up into the sky, a shooting star would grab our attention. Truly magical!


Ok, so back to the story. You may have heard of something called “the white lobster”, or maybe not? Well in Nicaragua “the white lobster” refers to the myth that loose bricks of cocaine can sometimes wash up on the beach. Most of the time because drug runners and pirates, yes pirates, release contraband into the sea when they fear they will be caught by Nicaraguan coast guard – sometimes it is a strategic release, but most of the time the ocean current decides to take wherever the hell it wants to take it!


Hence you may spot a “white lobster” tickling your toes as you are staring out into the waves!


So…… As we were enjoying an absolute perfect night, good company, good booze and an epic night sky, we noticed a set of flashlights combing the shoreline a few beaches up from us. After just sharing the legend of the “white lobster” to our travelers, we were all a little curious as to what the bloody hell was going on!


The lights slowly became closer to our site and we slowly became a little more concerned. One time I looked over to some of our travelers and they each had a rock in the hand, filled with pride they said “we must protect this beach” for a few minutes we were all amped up as if William Wallace gave us the epic war speech to defend our territory!


Then back to reality…


After some epic war cries and loud cheering, we decided it to be best to pack up and head back to the hotel.  “There will be no war today, my friends. We must retreat.” I shouted


Ridiculous right??

Nicaragua has some of the safest beaches in the world and we were very happy to learn that it was just a few locals doing some night fishing and if anything we missed an opportunity to make new friends of a bottle of rum.


Until next time!

MASSIVE waves crashing around this couple while exploring the secluded beaches of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua | See The World In Color | A New Way To Travel

If for some reason you ever needed to be convinced why we ALWAYS travel with a professional photographer to document our travelers vacations --- WELL --- HERE.  IT.  IS.  We're actually all super jealous of this photograph because, truth be told, we want to be in it!  We could see this hanging on a wall in their house for all of their friends to see!  Talk about a conversation piece!

During a recent See The World In Color trip into Nicaragua, two of our travelers were wandering the secluded beaches and coves of San Juan Del Sur when this happened!  Earlier in the day, we were thinking about traversing the rocky coves to get to another beach but when we returned, the tide made the route impassable.  Brian and Leah, being the super adventurous couple they are, couldn't help but to scope out the area and soak in the amazing views.  As the endless Nica sun showered her rays down, the refreshingly cool ocean slammed against the rocky coast creating the perfect mist AND the perfect photograph!  They both have told us numerous times how they're missing Nica, we hope you keep this photograph close to your hearts and are reminded day in and day out of the love that you carried in your hearts during this beautiful day!

Good news!  We're now accepting travelers for our July and November trips to Nicaragua and we'd love to have you on board.  Please visit for full details about the trip and to learn how you are empowering local communities in Nicaragua by traveling with us!

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