See The World In Color Challenge!

Are you ready to See YOUR World In Color? You don't have to hop on a plane to find adventure or inspiration - YOU can do it in your day to day normal life - AND See The World In Color wants to help!

To get you and everyone in your life excited about the world around you - See The World In Color created a simple FREE 10-Day Challenge to help you discover all of the beauty & love that is happening in front of your eyes everyday you are on the earth!

Don't Worry - you won't have to do 1,00 push-ups, eat some nasty dung beetle or attempt bungee diving from your neighbor's roof - nothing crazy or dangerous like that - unless you really want to of course. 

Our 10- Day Challenge is simple, easy to do and it is completely FREE! It is all about learning, expanding your comfort zone & appreciating this amazing earth that we get to call home!

How Does it Work?

You sign up below and within a few minutes you will receive a welcome email explaining the rules of the challenge. The over the span of (2) weeks you will receive each challenge, its description and how to do it! Pretty easy right? After you complete each challenge, you will post a photo or video on Facebook and tag See The World In Color and at least (3) friends that you think should take this challenge!

Once you have completed all 10 challenges you will receive:

  • Promo Code that will give you a hefty discount on any of our trips. 20% to be exact!
  • Some serious cultural enrichment and, most likely, a bunch of new friends!