Nicaragua Day Excursions

From learning how to surf , exploring secluded beaches, zip lining down volcanos to rolling cigars or making chocolate we have all of  Nicaragua's adventures ready and waiting for you. So if you are looking to experience Nicaragua with good vibes and a tour company that gives back to the local community, look no further & check out some of the rad day excursions that we offer in Nicaragua!

Laguna de Apoyo

Spend the day relaxing at Nicaragua's first National park, a pristine crater lake inside of a dormant volcano surrounded by jungle life.

What is Included?

  • Day pass to resort (Includes use of, kayak, SUPboard, rafts)
  • Transportation from Granada or Managua


  • $34 per person

428A6186 (1).jpg

You will cruise south towards Costa Rica to a secret jungle path that leads to heaven. About a 40 minute hike puts you on one of Nicaragua's most secluded beaches that most locals don't even know about! Here you can soak up the sun or splash in the surreal waves crashing softly onto the beach.

What is Included?

  • Guided hike through jungle
  • Access to secluded beach
  • Transportation from San Juan


  • $23 per person

You will connect with our favorite local Nicaraguan surf instructors and set off to one our favorite secluded beach (we can't share the name of the beach here). There you will learn all of the basics on how to catch the perfect wave!

What is Included?

  • Surf Board Rental
  • 2 Hour Surf Lesson
  • Transportation from San Juan del Sur


  • $68 per person


Hop on a motorcycle or ATV of your choice and cruise down the Nicaragua coast line checking out beaches, wildlife and anything else "off the beaten" path.

What is Included?

  • Motocycle, ATV, Side by Side rental
  • Map of local area


  • $40 - $120 per day per vehicle
  • Driver License Required & Credit Card Required

Las Isletas Experience

Formed just 500 years ago when Mombacho Volcano exploded. Theses 365 islands that are now home to Nicaraguan people, wildlife & fauna offer a look into how life on earth was established! You will hop on a lancha "boat" and cruise through the island formations taking in the sights, sounds and smells of majestic birds, monkeys and beautiful vegetation. After exploring the islands by boat we will hop off in the thermal waters in Lake Nicaragua for a dip!

What is Included?

  • Boat Ride through Las Isletas
  • Transportation from Granada


  • $28 per person

hIke & Zipline on Mombacho Volcano


You will spend the morning hiking up and around Mombacho Volcano, the magnificent crater that blew it's lid to form Las Isletas. After a brisk hike through cloud forests, jungle and mountainous terrain - we strap on our adventure helmets and let loose on Nicaragua's most epic canopy/zip line adventure!

What is Included?

  • Guided hike around rim of Volcano Mombacho
  • Ziplining down Mombacho Volcano
  • Transportation from Granada


  • $108 per person

Masaya Volcano National Park

AH5A1535 (1).jpg

You will head just north of the artsy town of Masaya to the Masaya Volcano National Park. First you will make a stop at the park's unique museum to dig deeper into the importance, influence and destruction that Volcanoes have had in Nicaragua and why the heck they would throw women and children into the fiery Santiago crater!

After getting our nerd on, we cruise up to the edge of this intimidating smoke monster and peer our eyes into the hole of one of the world's most active Craters!

What is Included?

  • Entrance Fee to National Park
  • Tour of Masaya Volcano Museum
  • Hike around the rim of Nicaragua's most active volcano
  • Transportation from Granada or Managua


  • $33 per person

Volcano Ash Boarding Experience


This is about as unique of an experience as you can find anywhere in the world. We will head north to the revolutionary town of Leon (Granada's biggest baseball rival) and traverse through the jungle to land at the base of Volcano Cerro Negro. After a 45 minute trek up the explosive volcano, we will reach the summit where you will think you landed on Mars. Enjoy the view as long as you would like because the best way down - also the fastest- is cruising on your "ash board" where you can grab speeds of up to 75km per hour... WOAH!!!!

What is Included?

  • Guided hike around up Cerro Negro Volcano
  • Ash Board Rental
  • Transportation from Managua or Leon


  • $40 per person

Cigar Rolling

595 (1).jpg

Nicaragua is infamous for cigars around the world. This excursion gives you the chance to visit one of Nicaragua's best cigar factories and you get to learn how to roll your own cigar!

What is Included?

  • Tour of Mombacho Cigar Factory
  • Cigar rolling class
  • Cigar of your choice
  • 2 Rum Cocktails
  • Transportation from Granada


  • $25 per person

Chocolate Making


A bean to bar experience you will learn the history of the cacao bean in Latin America and make your own chocolate just like the ancient Mayans civilization

What is Included?

  • Chocolate making class
  • Samples of chocolate rum
  • Transportation from Granada


  • $36 per person

More locations & excursions coming soon!

*Professional Photographer available for groups of 6 or more for additional fee.

*Excursions prices may vary if you are requiring transportation from a departure town different from what is listed in each excursion

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