Pop Up Adventures

Adventure doesn’t have to be hopping on a plane and flying to another country.

What is a "Pop-Up" Adventure?

We believe in seeking adventures and being a "traveler" in your home town. To encourage folks in our local communities to "get out there" We create opportunities for the travel community to particpate in fun, organized and educational local travel excursions. This can include but not limited to.

Nature Hikes, Camping, Rock Climbing, Biking and other fun Social Events that engage the travel community.

Upcoming Pop-Up Adventures

RAfting on The Stony Canyon


Dates Coming Soon!

Previous  Pop-Up Adventures

Frozen Waterfall Ice Hike - Ricketts Glen State Park


MTB Day trip - White Clay Creek State Park (Free)

Primitive Camping Adventure - Gallitzin State Forest (Free)

OCTOBER 31, 2015