Primitive Camping POP UP ADVENTURE

We're so stoked to be offering our first See The World In Color pop-up adventure! We'll be leading a group of 16 people into the wilderness of the Gallitzin State Forest in Windber, Pennsylvania.  Here is a little run down of the things to come!  This is going to be such a solid adventure, we hope you can come along with us!

1. Meet & Greet - We'll be meeting at the Bog Path Trailhead in Windber, PA.  Bring along some breakfast snacks, we recommend some hiking bars and coffee, to fuel up while we all get to know each other before we embark on our adventure!


2. Hike to Camp - After we've chatted for a bit, we'll set out on the Bog Path Interpretive Trail and make our way to camp.  Along the way, we'll stop to soak in the forest and learn about the plant life that is native to the area.  Once we get to camp, we'll setup and lighten our loads by dropping off any unnecessary items.

3. Hike to Wolf Rocks - After we've setup camp, we'll continue hiking the Bog Path Trail and connect onto the Boulder Trail that will lead us to our next destination, Wolf Rocks.

4. Lunch - We'll arrive at Wolf Rocks and immediately get some energy back into our systems.  We'll take a break on top of the rocks and enjoy the views and the food.

5. Exploring Wolf Rocks - We'll spend a good bit of time exploring the many rocks and fissures found throughout the area.  There is something for everyone here!  We'll have plenty of time for bouldering, climbing, scrambling, stemming, or simply exploring the area!


6. Hike to The Bog - After we've had our fill of adventure on the rocks, we'll make our way back on the Boulder Trail and reconnect onto the Bog Path Trail.  We'll explore the area and if we're lucky, we'll be able to spot some of the wildlife and carnivorous plants that call the area home!

7. Sunset at the Bog Observation Tower - After reconnecting onto the Bog Path Trail, it won't be long until we come to the Bog Observation Tower.  We'll climb to the top and watch the last rays of the sun slowly fade away. 


8. Hike to Camp - We'll be turning our head lamps on for the final leg of our adventure, a hike back to camp under a moonless, star filled sky!  We'll pass over a few boardwalks elevated above mountain streams that will be sure to make this a memorable hike!

9. Dinner - Break out the camping chairs around the camp fire!  Eat, drink, be merry! 

10. Star Gazing - After dinner, we'll spend some time enjoying the night sky with one of the best views of The Milky Way in the area!  If we're lucky, we'll also catch an epic near-full Moonrise at 10:14 PM.

11. Lights out - After such an action packed day, it's going to be near impossible to keep your eyes open.  Crawl into your tent, curl into your cozy sleeping bag and it will be lights out for all us light weights.

12. Breakfast + Tear down - We'll wake up, get some food into our system, warm coffee into our bodies, and begin breaking camp.  We'll also be dropping some knowledge here from the Leave No Trace program.  Leave No Trace is a program that teaches outdoor enthusiasts how to protect the outdoors by teaching and inspiring people to enjoy it responsibly.

13. Hike out - Once we have everything packed up, we'll jump back onto the Bog Path Trail and make our way toward the trail head.  Tears will fill your eyes as you reminisce about the killer time you had with us at See The World In Color and how it's coming to a close BUT turn that frown upside down!  We'll be planning more Pop-Up Adventures really soon!  We'll get connected through social media so you can find out when we're planning our next adventure and then say our goodbyes.


Join us for THIS adventure by signing up below!

Before you sign up, there are a few things to know.  We bet we know the first question you must be wondering, "This sounds awesome but how much?"  The price is COMPLETELY FREE!  Yes, you read that right.  ZIP!  ZILCH!  NADA!  NOTHIN!  Okay, we're sure you get the point BUT we do ask that you donate money to the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation.  We're going with the honor system here, we fully trust that you'll do the right thing by pledging at least $10.  When filling out your donation, remember to list "Gallitzin State Forest" in the comment box so the money will go directly to supporting the forest we will be enjoying.  Also, take a peek at the Recommended Gear List to ensure that you have the proper equipment for the trip.  While these are just recommendations, having the items on the list will make your adventure a much more enjoyable experience!

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