Words from our beloved travelers

The See The World In Color team are super knowledgable, reliable, experienced travelers and just FUN people! They gave us a complete immersion of the Nicaraguan culture, food, places and people.
— Kristin K. (The Nicaragua Experience)

The See The World In Color team are just those kinds of people you feel as though you’ve known forever. Not only did I feel connected at the end of my trip, but also from the moment we made our first stop, I felt truly part of the Nicaraguan culture. I wanted to explore, learn, and step out of my comfort zone, See The World In Color were there every step of the way making sure I did just that!! I pushed myself that trip like I never pushed before! I met an all new version of me!
— Lindsey (The Nicaragua Experience)

Being totally submersed in a foreign culture is a mind opening and educational experience. It forces you to be more attentive and aware of your surroundings as you try to absorb as much of the culture, landscape, and architecture as you can. Even doing what would be mundane tasks in your native land create a sense of romanticism since you’re actually experiencing them for the first time.
— Anthony (The Nicaragua Experience)

Experiencing new cultures allows for you to better understand your own culture and yourself. It’s the variety and diversity which lets you understand the shape of your own culture.
— Alex (The Nicaragua Experience)

Traveling with See The World In Color is truly “authentic”. You’re not going to get caught in the tourist traps and see only the surface of the country; you get to experience the real depth of the culture with a lot of comfort, care and luxury.
— Deanna (The Nicaragua Experience)