Why Should You travel to Nicaragua?

We have the Top 5 Reasons!


There is no doubt that Nicaragua is becoming the hottest spot to visit in Latin America – At first glance what’s not to love? Beautiful landscapes peppered with lakes and volcanoes, a Pacific & Caribbean coast and perfect tropical weather–it’s easy to see how Nicaragua is attracting travelers from all over the world.

However, when you dig a little deeper into Nicaragua’s rich history & culture you start to see that the true beauty lies in the heart & soul of this resilient Latin America Country. So let’s do some digging and find out “What Not To Miss” on your next trip to Nicaragua!



1. The Nicaraguan People

This is what separates Nicaragua from all countries in Latin America; the people. The people of Nicaragua have been through almost anything you can imagine; multiple natural disasters, multiple dictatorships, extreme poverty, droughts, civil wars, and I am sure you have heard about the Reagan Contra Wars.

Even though the Nicaraguan people have had everything stacked against them, time and time again – the love & pride that they have for their country and their excitement & passion to share it with all visitors is what truly makes anyone who comes to Nicaragua – BIENVENIDO!

To start, Nicaragua has the lowest crime rate in all of Latin America and has made some incredibly progressive decisions to help eradicate crime. Many communities have implemented a community watch program and there are multiple programs throughout Nicaragua that send kids to school rather than prison. All of this has led to Nicaragua having the lowest rate of incarcerated individuals in all of Latin America! That’s a big deal!!!

With all of the love radiating from the Nicaraguan people, as a traveler it’s easy to make friends. This is one of the most common comments that we hear from all of our travelers – “I can’t believe how friendly people are here and how they are willing to help a complete stranger without expecting anything in return”.  We love hearing this because we know how at ease this makes are travelers feel when traveling with us in Nicaragua!

With just a little bit of Spanish and a smile, I am sure that you will feel the love that radiates from the people of Nicaragua!


2. Secret Beaches

With both a Caribbean and a Pacific Coast, it’s obvious that Nicaragua is going to attract beach lovers from all over!  Of course most people will rush off to the hip beach town of San Juan del Sur, which is a great move – especially if you are a surfer – but what most people overlook are all of the secluded beaches surrounding this beautiful beach town.

Most of these pristine beaches do not have any direct roads and your best bet is to get a map, a motorcycle and put your exploring hat on because with an open mind and willingness for adventure, you can find untouched virgin beaches that dreams are made - plus you can enjoy them all to yourself!

Our tip to finding the beast beaches is to head south of San Juan heading towards Costa Rica. This strip of the coast is sprinkled with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world! Most of them wont have any names; so it’s important to keep an eye open for secret paths that lead to the ocean! The brick road that leads out of the town of San Juan quickly turns into a rocky dirt road that is not for the faint of heart – we have seen many car & motorcycle accidents – so be careful and wear a helmet!

You may run into some Nicaraguan military, but they are super friendly and are willing to help you find your secret spot – as long as you can speak Spanish!

Also – you may come across some local fishermen. There is nobody that knows the waters and beaches better than the local Nicaraguan Fishermen!  For a few cordobas (local currency), you can talk them into giving you a ride in their “lancha” or little boat where you can get a sailor’s view of all the beaches and you can have them drop you off at the lonely beach of your choice!  Make sure you negotiate for a ride back too or you will be trekking through some thick jungle! ; )

If this sounds a little too wild, See The World In Color takes care of all of these logistics for travelers to make sure you reach your secluded beach destination ready to relax!

3. Volcanoes

I don’t know about you, but every time I see massive volcanoes I always imagine giant dinosaurs roaming the land surrounding them! Although you might not see any dinosaurs these days, traveling through Nicaragua is definitely a wild experience to say the least!  From the moment a traveler flies into the Western side of the country, it's almost impossible to escape the volcanoes that dot the landscape.  Amazingly, Nicaragua is home to 19 volcanoes with many of them still blowing their lids every few years --- WILD!

You can experience these volcanoes in many different ways. Whether it is trotting up Mombacho on horseback, hiking up the treacherous Volcan Concepcion, peering into the flowing lava of Volcan Nindiri, volcanic ash boarding down Cerro Negro, relaxing in Laguna de Apoyo a crater formed inside of an extinct volcano, or just peering out of your hotel balcony to see the vast chain of volcanic land – anybody can enjoy the beauty and power of these incredible geographic formations!

4. Food

Calling all Foodies!!!!  Nicaragua is where it is all at!  Out of the many great things our travelers say about Nicaragua – the food is certainly at the top of the list! From the most exotic fruit & vegetables, the local Fritangas, world-class culinary experiences, and the best rum in the world (we think) - Nicaragua is certain to satisfy any appetite!

In every town you visit in Nicaragua there will be a Fritanga! A Fritanga is a super small restaurant that makes home-style Nicaraguan staple foods. Think of it as if you grandma opened up her kitchen for the local community to come and eat! Things like gallo pinto (rice, beans and vegetable mix), carne asada, plantains, queso frito (fried cheese), cabbage salad, tortillas and refrescos (local juices).  For about $2-$3 you can pile your plate up with all of this goodness.

If you are more of the fancy type, don’t worry Nicaragua is home to many 4 & 5 star restaurants! Cities like Managua & Granada are starting to attract world famous chefs and a culinary explosion is starting to happen!

If steak is your top choice, then you have to go to La Finca in Managua. Nicaragua is famous for its beef exports and La Finca certainly knows how to make the best of the country’s second largest export! Whether it is the perfect steak or if you are looking to try some bull testicles – La Finca is the place for meat in Nicaragua!

Don’t forget about Granada! We are super excited about the culinary growth happening in Granada, Nicaragua. Sure you can find any of the delicious local dishes here, but there are also great international options if you are looking for a change up while you are traveling! From the wide range of Mediterranean options at Pita Pita, the Asian fusion at El Tercer Ojo or if you are looking for that healthy vegan option, Garden Café has you covered! In just a few blocks you can find food from all over the world in the charming town of Granada!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Nicaragua is home to, what many taste experts say is the best rum in the world, Flor de Caña! I certainly agree, as it tends to disappear very quickly when I am drinking it.  Flor de Caña has its headquarters in Chichigalpa – in the northern department of Chinandega. With the vast fields of sugar cane throughout the entire country, there is no doubt why Nicaragua is the ideal place to produce high quality rum. You can get distilled versions of the rum from 4 to 25 years in age. I recommend the 7-year dark rum; it seems to fit perfect with the Nicaragua heat!



5. Nightlife

With a national age average of 25 years, Nicaragua is one of the youngest countries in the world and that means the night life is on fire!!  From elegant clubs & international concert venues in Managua, trendy brewpubs in Granada, wild beach parties in San Juan del Sur to the quintessential Nicaraguan bar – there is literally something for everyone’s fancy at night

One of the best things about Nicaragua and it’s night life is it is the safest country in Latin America so you can feel a lot more comfortable about enjoying what this city offers after the sun goes down! But certainly always be smart about your decisions!

Let’s start with Managua. Managua has everything, and we mean everything. As far as nightlife you can put on your finest attire and let loose and some of the many night clubs that compare with the night scene in Miami! Not only that Managua hosts the world’s top performers in multiple concert venues and theatres throughout the city!

If Managua sounds too big for you, then head down to Granada where you will get a smaller concentrated feel of what Managua offers. Granada is full of great restaurants, lounges and cool little bars. Whether you want to dance the night away or just sip on your rum and people watch, Granada will give you your feel of a diverse night life!

My personal favorite place to party is San Juan de Sur! If you are looking for wild beach parties, hip bars or some of the hottest clubs in the country (temperature and fun level) San Juan is where is at!

For me, the perfect night in San Juan starts with cocktails at Iguana bar as you watch the sun fall into the dreamy bay. After that, pop over to the Smiling moose for a shot or two of Flor de Cana. Then once you are feeling those beachy vibes head over to Lit for an intense dance party where you can dance the night away!

As you can see Nicaragua has so much to offer to anyone! You can get lost off of the beaten path, you can find adventure at every turn, you can relax & unwind under the sun, you can make new friends and you certainly won’t go hungry! - I am actually getting pretty hungry writing this! I think I’ll head down to Garden Café for a Cobb Salad and Passion Fruit Smoothie! Yum!!

We hope that you will consider visiting this beautiful country as we know it will steal your heart just as it has stole ours and everyone that has traveled with us through Nicaragua!


About the writer: William Rose is the CEO & Co-Founder of See The World In Color. See The World In Color is a travel company curates authentic travel experiences in Nicaragua and in other parts of the world.


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